5 Reasons to visit Istanbul in wintertime

Blue Mosque and Minarets covered in snow - istanbul turkey

While there is no denying that Istanbul is a stunner when the sun is shining it can also be a magical place during winter and by that I mean when it’s cold, raining and covered in snow. Yes, I’m really not kidding. Imagine all the contrasts you’ll find in a city that is separated into two continents by a natural strait which also connects it to both the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. Plus, it won’t be as busy, without hordes of enthusiastic cruisers gathering by the port.

In addition to this, if you go in winter Istanbul could offer you one of the most epic views you will ever see: a frozen Golden Horn, mosques, squares with palm trees covered in snow, a cosy old tavern with traditional Nostalgic music with roaring fires to warm yourself up.

This is truly a place of contrasts where you can clearly see the influence of both the West and the East on the architecture, culture, languages, food among many other things. Not to mention its rich historic value in which the Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman Empires converged at different points in time, giving you the opportunity to travel through different historical periods in just one place. This guide gives you 5 reasons to visit Istanbul in the wintertime.

1. Short queues and not-so-crowded touristic sites

This is probably one the biggest advantages of travelling during the cold season. You won’t be feeling claustrophobic when you go inside the Roman Cistern for example, and the fact of actually entering the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace or the Blue Mosque in virtually no more than 10 minutes is definitely a huge deal, also not having to book things in advance is a major plus.

Roman Cistern in Istanbul Turkey

2. Enjoy a Hammam and experience a real Turkish Bath after a long day in the cold

There’s nothing nicer than treating yourself to a day at a hammam with steam and a nice massage after being in the cold hours before. Bear in mind, Istanbul gets so hot in the summer that you will not want to do this during this time of the year. The experience is great, usually, the staff at the Hammam will scrub you until your skin comes off (OK maybe not until that point) and make sure you end up very clean and refreshed. I can recommend Kilic Ali Pasa Hammami it is super clean, a little luxurious but not too expensive and they offer you a delish typical Turkish tea. Check what days are available for either men or women. Very few Hammams offer mixed-gender services.

Hammam in Istanbul Turkey

3. Try the local salep drink while walking in the cold

Warm yourself up with this local drink in Istanbul which you can find at any square or cafe. It’s very similar to eggnog but they add a thickening agent called << salep >> made from mountain orchids. It’s quite nice and you can’t find it during the summer.

4. Enjoy the views of Istanbul in the wintertime from Galata Tower

Chances are it is snowing in Istanbul and you will find mosques covered in snow. When you are at the top of the tower you will get an incredible 360-degree view of the city. There’s even a restaurant inside if you are feeling hungry or simply want to stop for a drink.


5. Spend New Years Eve in Istanbul

If you happen to be in Istanbul during New Year celebrations – otherwise known as Yılbaşı, and you are not too crazy about partying hard but instead are looking to enjoy like the locals do, I suggest you go to a typical tavern with musicians playing live traditional Turkish Nostalgic music. It’s quite an experience. Be prepared to do some belly dancing and lots of clapping though. I’m sure you will not regret going to Istanbul in the wintertime.

Turkish musicians playing traditional nostalgia music in new years eve istanbul


Blue Mosque and Minarets covered in snow - istanbul turkey


Traditional hand painted Turkish pottery


Bosphorus bridge at night in Istanbul


Icicles formed on tree in Istanbul Turkey

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