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Thanks for visiting my site. This is where I share my travel experiences as a female traveller who loves the outdoors, water sports and adventure.

My ultimate goal is to inspire communities to seek out adventure travelling and spend more time surrounded by nature, enjoying great food, sharing my experiences and tips for travelling in the outdoors as well as cities, documenting local festivals and cultural activities, and of course showcasing my passion for photography wherever the road takes me.

Through my lens, I want to show you interesting places or even different ways to look at a place that you have already been to before. I want to highlight the spirit, beauty and simplicity that can be found in many places around the world.

Some destinations require a lot of planning and sometimes it’s valid not to plan too much ahead and simply enjoy the ride. But if you are looking to find up-to-date information, honest opinions, useful travel trips, then you are in the right place.

Drop me a line in the comments section and tell me what’s your favourite place in the world if you’ve got one.

One thought on “Welcome to Destinations

  1. De très belles photos de voyages. Ravi de voir que la photo et tes projets avancent. Pour une amie de voyage, de sourire. Je suis très fier et content de te revoir. Souvenir de France et de Chambéry 2013, damien. Poursuis tes beaux voyages et photos.

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