About me

Hey there, Destinations Travel Blog is Daniela; a Venezuelan-born Spanish interior designer and photographer with a passion for traveling who decided to write about her adventures abroad. She established her blog only a few months after relocating to Denmark back in 2015, where she started a new slow-paced life that meant more time to travel and live life like only the Danes know how to.  

Hiking at the Steamy Valley in Iceland

Since she can remember, she fantasised about being somewhere else. She is always planning on a new adventure. Whether it is going for hikes or diving and surfing or with her kayak she just can’t stay still.

She considers herself very lucky to have been exposed to many cultures from a young age and have lived in different places. From the shores of the Venezuelan Caribbean to Catalonia, the French Alps, London and Scandinavia.

Nowadays, she balances her interior design work with her travels, always looking to capture moments with her camera, and share useful travel tips and inspire others with her experiences and the places she goes to.

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