About me

Hey there, Destinations Travel Blog is Daniela; a Venezuelan-born Spanish traveller, writer, photographer and marketer. She established her blog only a few months after relocating to Denmark where she was inspired to share her passion for travelling and adventure.

Waterfall of Iceland and me

Since she can remember, she dreamed of being somewhere else.  She is always planning on a new adventure and pretty much every country is on her list. Whether it is with her kayak or not she can’t stay still. She has lived in quite a few places, from the forever-sunny Venezuelan shores to Barcelona (Catalonia), the French Alps, London and more recently Copenhagen.

Nowadays, she balances her Marketing career with travelling the world.  Always looking to capture moments with her camera, and hopefully share useful travel tips and inspire others with her travels.

On a separate note, she can also speak five languages and is currently on the quest to learning Danish and Swedish, wish her luck!