About me

Hey there, Destinations Travel Blog is me, Daniela; a Venezuelan-born Catalan traveller, writer, photographer and marketer. I established the blog only a few months after relocating to Denmark where I got the inspiration to share with a wider audience my passion for travelling and adventure.

Waterfall of Iceland and me

It all started with an innocent comment from a good friend of mine who said to me: “You should share with other people the things you’ve seen in your travels, it’s inspiring…”. But helping a friend was one thing, and actually writing about my experiences for the whole world to read was another story. With so many blogs out there, I wasn’t completely sure I could bring something new, or that others would be interested to read what I had to say.

In the end, my fears were put aside and I haven’t looked back. If I could connect with only a few people and bring a little light into someone’s life, then that’s all that really matters to me.

I have been fortunate enough to live in quite a few places, from the forever-sunny Venezuelan shores in the Caribbean to Catalonia, the French Alps, London as well as the good Scandinavian life in Copenhagen where I discovered that I wasn’t a big fan of liquorice.

I am still learning about myself through my travels and I realised I feel most comfortable whenever there’s change… where I am on the road. Since I can remember, I dreamed of being somewhere else and always planning a new adventure. Whether it is with or without the kayak and longboard I just can’t stay still.

Nowadays, I am juggling between a marketing career in the city, escaping to the outdoors, photography and travelling the world. Looking to capture moments and to share travel tips for those like me who love the thrill of adventure, personal growth and a bit of lux and comfort in their travels. So, keep walking, keep exploring.

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